SEASHELL & BELL Wrist Pocket

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Wrist Pocket Mini-Wrist Wallet

Conceal your serious valuables on your wrist. Perfect for shopping-sprees, workouts, sporting, beach-outings, amusement parks, and concerts during times when you need your cash, tickets, cards, keys, or RFID chips or more available on demand. Solves the suffering and worrying about keeping track of important passes that need to be replaced in pockets and bags over and over again within an hour. 

Perfect when you need freedom from pockets OR when you don't have pockets at all

  • Zips close
  • Breathable
  • Elastic
  • non-slip

Gender-Size: Unisex-One-Size-Fits-All
Material: Cotton Fabric OR Dry-Fit Breathable Nylon
Application Position: Wrist



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Welcome to Seashell & Bell.

Our team collects beach treasures and goods from recognized suppliers and sustainable sources to give the gift of the beach to travelers and citizens inland. Seashells naturally erode away overtime or get reused by some crestuceans and mark beaches with colorful treasures, but as you may know our plastic mishandling has led to large amounts of waste and is trashing our oceans and water ways everywhere, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

We give plastics a second life, provide alternatively sourced products, and for plastic products you do need, we're working on providing them sustainably by investing in eco-conscious and clean technology that work toward United Nations Sustainability Goals. Recycling keeps plastics and other undervalued materials from being needlessly disrupting ocean ecosystems and natural environments. We're all about savoring and sharing the seashells, shorelines, aquatics, sweet sounds and essences of beach and water bound living. Our curation of seashell themed products are sure to hit that beach sweet spot wherever you are and we're doing our part to help you do your part in staying environmentally conscious. Our monthly newsletter will help you find the best way to make sure our Earth lives it's entire life healthy and gets humanity to the next stage in our development as we prepare to greet the cosmos.

Did you know that in some locales seashells are an overabundant resource?

We also provide this online store for seashellers to market their shells. For select products, we donate to active planet conservation groups our team participates in. We are better together. By donating we hope to reverse and eventually sustainably convert the putrefaction of our planets waters and air supply.

Won't you join us?

Get a traveling conch reminder of the ocean from our seashells collection. Or Get some Seashell & Bell garments and accessories collection. You can also Order our turtle diffuser bracelets. For All of these products our team will try to donate $1 to and of course we invest nearly half of our profits into Impax Environmental Markets 


We're adding new shells, bells, and wavy flails everyday. Something you'd like to see? or have an improvement suggestion?

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+1 (567) 343-1792

- Bella :D